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Foxbeard Ukulele tab

Run River North



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Tono:  Em
Capo en el 5º traste

Intro: Em G C (2x) 

Em                       G 
I knew a man who found a forest overseas 
He grew his beard like the grounds bear trees 
Em                    G         
Callous his hands, his heart bled dry 
He kept his fire in the clutch of his eyes 

Em                             G 
He painted with a dark stroke, dirty on the canvas 
Creation was holy but we chose against it 
Em                           G 
The devil knows he's evil no need to proclaim 
It's the choices we make the bring glory to his name 
Em D/F# G 
Em D G 

Em                          G 
Mr. Fox I know you've got a secret to tell 
But folks we live just to hear ourselves 
Em              G 
Talk, talk talk 
Non stop stop stop 

Em                    G 
And it goes goes goes 
Until we know, know, know 
Em                  D/F# G C 
Know not what we say 
Em                  D/F# G C 
Know not what we do 

Em                      G 
I knew a lady lost the forest for the trees 
She grew a lust to bury all underneath 
Em                      G 
She cut to their heart, she bled them dry 
She kept her fire burning up to the sky 

Em                                G 
She's building up her kingdom of sticks and stones 
I hear the words in between they tend to never hold 
Em                            G 
Was she living ever after or making belief 
She kept away from the heart the things unseen 
Em D/F# G 
Em D G 

Instrumento: C G Em G (6x) 

C                      G 
I don't want to be your monkey boy 
But my cymbals are crashing 
My teeth oh they chatter 
C                         G 
Cause I'm cold, cold, cold 
Em                              G 
Without your claps, claps, claps 
C                           G 
And I don't know, know know 
If this is ever, ever gonna stop 
Em D/F# G 
Em D G  
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