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Thank God And Greyhound Ukulele tab

Roy Clark


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Thank God And Greyhound

Tono:  C
	  C I've made a small fortune and you C7 sqandered it F all 
You shamed me till C I feel about one inch G7 tall 
But I C thought I loved you and I C7 hoped you would F change 
So I gritted my C teeth and G7 didn't com-{C} plain 
Now you come to me; with a C7 simple good-{F} bye 
You tell me you're C leavin' but you don't tell me G7 why 
Now we're C here at the station and you're C7 getting F on 
And all I can think of C ... is ... 
Thank G7 God and Greyhound, you're C gone. 
Thank F God and Greyhound, you're gone 
I didn't know how much longer I could go G7 on 
C Watchin' you take the respect out of me 
F Watchin' you make a total wreck out of G7 me 
That C big diesel motor is a-{F} playin my C song 
Thank God and G7 Greyhound, you're C gone. 
Thank God and Greyhound, you're gone 
That load on my mind got lighter when you got on 
That shiny old bus is a beautiful sight 
With the black smoke a-rollin' up around the tail light 
It may sound kinda cruel but I've been silent too long 
Thank God and Greyhound, you're gone. 
TAG: Thank God and Greyhound, you're gone. 

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