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I Ain't Kumbayin? Anymore Ukulele tab

Rowane and the T-Bones

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I Ain't Kumbayin? Anymore

Tono:  D
Capo en el 2º traste
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I Ain't Kumbayin? Anymore by Anon, as performed by Rowane and the T-Bones To the tune of ?I Ain't Marching Anymore? By Phil Ochs Intro ****** |------------------------------------------------- |-3--3333-1--0------------------------------------ |---------------2--0--2-222----222---------------- X2 |---------------------------0------0-------------- |------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------- 3rd Time: D |----------------------------------------------------22222 |-3--3333-1-0----------------------------------------33333 |--------------2-0-2S5-5555S44S22S-7-7777S55S44S2--- 22222....D |--------------------------------------------------------- Oh I Marched.. |--------------------------------------------------------- |---------------------------------------------------------
D G C D Oh I marched to the protest of the Iraq war G C D With Cindy Sheehan and fat pig Michael Moore G C The insurgents kept on growing G And our soldiers' blood started flowing C Am D So I ain't Kumbaying anymore D G C D For I've borne my share of peace signs G C D At a thousand different sites G C I protested the Viet Nam War G I heard John Kerry lying C Am D While his fellow vets were dying C Am D But I ain't Kumbaying anymore
Am G It's always the Left that opposes the war C Am D And then even more young men fall C Bm Em To turn our backs and run when we drop the sabre and the gun Am C D Is to risk losing one and all*
For I called our men baby killers when they came home from the bloody Viet Nam War That's how I knifed my brother And so many others So I ain't Kumbaying anymore For I marched against the battles of the Iraqi trench In a war that should have ended all wars Saddam must have killed a million men And I didn't give a damn back then But I ain't Kumbaying anymore Chorus Now North Korea and Iran are putting missiles in the sky To bring the atomic flash and roar I saw the Twin Towers burning So I am finally learning Not to sing "Kumbaya" any more Now the radical Left is screaming to impeach the President, While terrorists are invading our own shores, I called it "hate" and "militarism" But now I call it "Reason" And I ain't Kumbaying any more.
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