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When I'm Free Again Ukulele tab

Rodney Crowell

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When I'm Free Again

Tono:  C
	    C                Am          Em 
I used to take all night for a woman in a song (?)  
F                           C               Em 
I can still remember when I used to be that strong 
Am                        Dm  
Girl I’m thankful for the world you let me see 
F                         G 
It’s a good life but it’s just not right for me 

F And when I’m free again C I’ll be somewhere being me again F I’ll be somewhere where the nights roll on Dm G Singing some old lonesome song that I’ve been holding back so long F Dm G C And I’ll be me again, when I’m free again
They used to know my name at every club in town I wonder if that crowd still out running round It’s the only world where my heart fit right in And I can’t help it if I wanna go back again Chorus + Instrumental verse Chorus by: José Duarte [email protected]
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