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Fate's Right Hand Ukulele tab

Rodney Crowell


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Fate's Right Hand

Tono:  Bm
(Bm)  (G)  (A)  (Bm) 
Cool as a rule you don't learn in no school, 
You can't (G)brown-nose the teacher from a dunce hat stool. 
It's the (A)hum and the rhythm, the birds and the bees, 
The (Bm)mommas and the poppas and the monkeys in the trees. 
Brothers and the sisters living life on the street, 
Play the (G)hunch, pull the punch, you'll never get beat 
By the (A)junk food tattooed white dude true blued 
(Bm)Honky with an attitude coming unglued. 
(G) Fate's right hand.....(A) I don't understand at (Bm)all. 
Billy loves women like a junky loves dope, 
Give him (G)just enough rope, the monkey?s gonna choke. 
She's a (A)Bill Blass combo maxed out mombo, 
(Bm)D.K.N.Y. caught him in a lie. 
Ken Starr word man, we?re talking absurd, 
Spending (G)forty million dollars just to give the man a bird. 
He's a (A)king, she's a queen, the rap won't stick, 
Get it (Bm)on with a rubber and you won't get sick. 
(G) Fate's right hand.....(A) I don't understand at (Bm)all. 
Red rum, dot com, dim sum, smart bombs, 
(G)Double cappuccino and a heart like a tom tom. 
(A)Ozone long gone, that's it, I quit, 
(Bm)Natural inclination says enough of this. 
Brat pack, black jack, heart attack crack, 
We need a(G)nother news channel like a hole in the back. 
There's a (A)187 on the 405, 
We (Bm)all go to heaven on a hard disk drive. 
(G) Fate's right hand.....(A) I don't understand at (Bm)all. 
- Instr. - 
Hard rain, fish seine, hurricane Jane, 
Don't for(G)get about Carla when you're talkin' about the poon tang. 
(A)Slow song on the bone rec hall dance, 
(Bm)Double date Debbie with a pole in my pants. 
First comes love like it always did, 
Or we (G)wouldn't be talkin' bout The Houston kid. 
(A)Po-dunk, piss-chunk, old dead skunk drunk, 
(Bm)Trot-line Freddy's got his dogs in the trunk. 
(G) Fate's right hand.....(A) I don't understand at (Bm)all. 
(G) Fate's right hand.....(A) man, I don't understand at (Bm)all. 
(G)  (A)  (Bm)    (G)  (A)  (Bm) 
{Thanks to [email protected] for tabs} 

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