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Banks Of The Old Bandera Ukulele tab

Rodney Crowell



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Banks Of The Old Bandera

Tono:  C
C                   G   C 
On the banks of the old Bandera 
      Am      G        C 
where roams a barefoot child 
Am        G      C          F 
On Sunday golden evenings?. shortcuts 
Out along the high wire lines 
Down the dusty road 

C              G         C 
The hills they wear blue bonnets 
       Am     G      C 
Like a pretty cotton gown 
    Am     G          C         F 
And summer rain falls down like honey 
Sweet magnolia blossoms grow 
Gsus              G 
And old men dance 

Dm7                               C 
Once we ran bare footed through a clover full of dew 
Dm7                               C 
Once we learned to play like lone Comanche?s running loose 
C                   G              C 
What it made it you feel like is a song 
Am          G                  C 
And what it feels like now has gone 

Am G F 
Am C F 
Am G F 
Am C F 

C              G           C 
I can hear the screen door slamming 
      Am     G           C 
Run a footer race to the creek 
          Am  G            C        F 
You could see clean to the bottom?? and deeper 
Just depends on how u look 
Gsus          G 
Maybe where u stand 

Dm7                                 C 
Monkey vines and swimming holes lay just around the bend 
Dm7                                    C 
The rope we used to swing on now hangs tattered in the wind 
C               G              C 
What it made it feel like is a song 
Am      G                     C 
What it feels like is now has gone 
C               G              C 
What it made it feel like is a song 

Am G F 
Unaccompanied guitar to finish 
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