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The Best Days Of My Life Ukulele tab

Rod Stewart



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The Best Days Of My Life

Tono:  A
	  A          Am7               D                 E 
You always said living with me was impossible 
A          Am7               D                 E  
Try it I said just like the wind Im changeable 
    D                       E         A  
We aint got money but we sure got laughs 
D          E     A 
Lots of loving too 
D          E         A 
So I confess on my behalf 
D               Dm 
Youre giving me honestly 
E                  A 
The best days of my life 

Your whispering girls said dont be a fool 
Dont give into him 
Hes an animal treat you like dirt 
Then hell turn you in 
You two are not compatible 
Itll never never last 
They said I wasnt even suitable 
But youre giving me honestly 
The best days of my life 

Sometimes I wonder 
Why does she bother with me at all 
So staid in my ways 
Lets face it my dear, Im insufferable 

The crazy nights spilling into days 
With all my noisy friends 
But they all love you as much as i 
Giving me constantly 
The best days of my life 
And a day without you at this point my dear 
Seems unthinkable 
A night without you more often 
Than not is unbearable 

But if it all cant work out 
One can never never tell 
In my heart there is no doubt 
You gave to me unselfishly 
The best days of my life 

But if it all cant work out one can never never tell 
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