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Moon Over Parma Ukulele tab

Robert Mcguire



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Moon Over Parma

Tono:  C

C                         G 
Moon over Parma, bring my love to me tonight 
G                           C 
Guide her to Cleveland underneath your silvery light 
   F           D7   C                 Am7 
We met in Ashtabula, she was doin the hula 
   D7                           G 
I handed her my radishes and pledged my love that night 

C                          G 
Moon over Parma, won't you bring my love to me 
G                       C 
Shine on the freeway to guide her AMC 
        F              D7      C                   Am7 
Get her past the radar mounties, bring her to Lake County 
F         G       C 
Moon over Parma tonight 

C                         G 
Moon over Parma, shine on I-271 
G                                  C 
Cause we can't get together in the warm light of the sun 
    F                D7            C                  Am7 
I'm asking you don't fail, get her safely through Linndale 
D7                            G 
I can't get to her because my Edsel will not run 

C                          G 
Moon over Parma, where the Pink Flamingos stand 
G                         C 
I need her kisses and the soft touch of her hand 
F          D7     C                     Am7 
We're goin bowlin, so don't lose her in Solon 
F         G       C               Am7 
Moon over Parma tonight, I said tonight 
F         G     C          Am7 
Moon over Parma, moon over Parma 
F         G       C 
Moon over Parma tonight 
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