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The Drunken Driver Ukulele tab

Ricky Skaggs



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The Drunken Driver

Tono:  Em
Capo en el 1er traste

Em (x8) 

    Em                                        Am        Em 
Now listen, you, drunken driver while here on earth you dwell 
    Am                  Em                       B7                Em 
You never know when the time to come when you'll have to say fare- well 

  Em              Am  Em                   Am        Em 
I saw an accident one day, would charm the hearts of man 
    Am                 Em                     B7                    Em 
And teach him never to drink and drive with a steerin' wheel in his hand 

     Em                                       Am     Em 
This awful accident occurred on the twentieth day of May 
    Am               Em          B7                Em 
And caused to lovin' children to sleep beneath the clay 

      Em                                         Am          Em 
These two dear kids walked side by side out on a state high- way 
      Am             Em                     B7                Em 
Their lovin' mother, she had died and their father had run a- way 

          Em                                             Am         Em 
They were talking of their loving parents, how sad their hearts did feel 
        Am                     Em                  B7               Em 
When a- round the curve came a speedin' car with a drunk man at the wheel 

    Em                                          Am       Em 
The driver saw these two dear kids and hooted a drunkard sound 
     Am                    Em                    B7                   Em 
?Get out of the road, you, little fools? and the car had brought them down 

Am    Em    B7    Em  

    Em                                        Am     Em 
The driver staggered from his car to see what he had done 
    Am               Em             B7            Em 
His heart sank with- in him when he saw his dyin' son 

Em                                               Am     Em 
He then picked up his little one and carried him to his car 
     Am             Em                B7                  Em 
Then leanin' on the runnin' board, he prayed a drunkard's prayer 

        Em                                          Am         Em 
Sayin', ?Please, oh Lord, forgive me for this awful crime I've done? 
        Am               Em                 B7                 Em 
His at- tention then was called away to the words of his dyin' son 

       Em                                          Am        Em 
Sayin' ?Take us to our mother, Dad. She sleeps be- neath the ground 
       Am                 Em                     B7                 Em 
It was you and her we was talkin' about when the car had knocked us down? 

     Em                                                  Am      Em 
?And please, dear Dad, don't drink no more while drivin' on your way 
    Am               Em              B7                     Em 
But meet us with our mother, Dad, in heaven some sweet day? 
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