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I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could Ukulele tab

Ricky Skaggs



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I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could

Tono:  D
	  (intro) D A A7 D 

         D                                                A 
    I wouldn't change a single thing about you if I could, 
                                      A7                   D 
    the way you are just suits me too a tee. 
          D                                      A 
    A princess in a storybook, a king upon his throne, 
                                          A7                     D     D7 
    that’s what we are and you belong too me. 

     G                                   A         D 
I wouldn't change you if I could, I love you as you are, 
           G                                          D                      A 
you’re all that I would wish for, if I wished upon a star. 
       D                                               A 
An angel sent from heaven, you're everything that’s good, 
             A                      A7                                   A                    D 
you're perfect just the way you are, I wouldn't change you if I could. 

              D                                                        A 
    Your eyes your lips your tender smile, I’d leave them as they are, 
                                           A7                      D 
    and come what may I’d never change a thing, 
           D                                 A 
    and if I were a potter and you a piece of clay, 
                                   A7                              D       D7 A A7 A D 
    the only thing I’d change would be your name. 
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