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House Of The Rising Sun Ukulele tab

Ricky Skaggs


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House Of The Rising Sun

Tono:  Am
House of the Rising Sun 
[email protected] 
Am       C          D     F      Am        C          E 
There is a house in New Orleans, They call the Rising Sun, 
Am           C       D      F       
its been the ruin of many a girl, 
Am     E       Am 
and me oh Lord I'm one 
My mother is a tailor she sews those new blue jeans, 
my husband he's a gambling man 
drinks down in New Orleans. 
My husband is a gambler, he goes from town to town, 
the only time he satified, is when  
he drinks his liquor down. 
Go tell my baby sister, never do what I have done, 
shun that house in New Orleans, 
They call the "Rising Sun". 
One foot on the platform, the other's on the train, 
I'm going back to New Orleans, 
to wear that ball and chain. 
Going back to New Orlean, my race is almost run, 
I'm going to spend the rest of my life, 
beneath That "Rising Sun". 
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