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Honey Open That Door Ukulele tab

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Honey Open That Door

Tono:  G
C G Honey,honey, honey won't you open that door This is your sweet Daddy don't you love me no more Its cold outside let me sleep on the floor C Honey won't you open that door
1 C F I honky tonked around Dallas I got in a poker game C D G But somebody must have been cheating I lost everything but my name C F I walked halfway to Memphis I finally got back home C G C But I'd been better off where I was cause here's when things went wrong (Chorus) (Solo) 2 C F I went right down to see ol Bob I thought he was my friend C D C The landlord said that Bobs not here the police done haul Him in C F I ran right back to little honeys house I got me a rockin chair C G C Now honey if you don't open that door I'm gonna rock on away from her (Chorus)2x (End with) C Honey, honey, honey, honey, No chord C Now honey won't you open that door?
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