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Are You Afraid To Die Ukulele tab

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Are You Afraid To Die

Áño: 1999 - Álbum: Soldier Of The Cross

Tono:  F
Capo en el 3er traste
 for the key of F) 
D         A           D 
Are you a stranger to God? 
D       G              A 
Carried away with your pride?             
D                      G            G     CG 
Tell me sinner did you ever stop to think, 
D       A         D 
Are you afraid to die?            

G       D       A       Bm 
Are you afraid, are you unsaved?          
G       A           D 
Are you afraid   to die?  

(Turn around) 
D           A           D 
Call on him while he is near. 
D           G             A 
Moments are swift passing by. 
D                          G            G      C G 
Will you seek him while he still may be found? 
D       A         D 
Are you afraid to die?            

(Chorus) (Turn around) 
D           A         D 
Are you too wicked to cry? 
D            G           A 
Would you to God's bosom fly? 
D                       G            G        C G 
Soon he's coming like a thief in the night, 
D       A         D 
Are you afraid to die? 

(Chorus 2X) 
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