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You Me Ukulele tab

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You Me

Tono:  Eb
Intro: Eb Bb Cm Ab 

Eb                   Bb                      Cm                Ab 
Leaving the worst behind, Seeing the best is right in front of me. 
Eb                        Bb                      Cm             Ab 
Caught in the chains that bind, Running away from any thing that breathes  

Gm                                    Gm 
Of all the things I've sand and done, I've burned the bridge and then some 
Gm                                  Bb 
There's no one else I trust to come through, oh 

Eb Bb Cm Ab You and me will get it done eventually Eb Bb When all the world will burn to the point of no return Cm Ab I know its true, I've found it all comes down to you.
Eb Bb Cm Ab Given this frantic pace, Just having a friendly face to share my pain. Eb Bb Cm Ab Well gimme another go, Just giving it one more show for one more day Gm Gm I've come to think about the friends, I thought I could depend on Gm Bb No one else can do what you do, oh Chorus Ab Bb Cm Bb, Bb Cm Bb Falling down the rabbit hole with me Chorus Around: Ab, Bb, Cm, Bb, Bb Cm Bb
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