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New Years Resolution Song Ukulele tab

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New Years Resolution Song

Tono:  F

Intro: F Bb F Bb (2x)

Working out, losing weight  
Maybe using tanning spray 
F                           Bb  
Becoming more attractive in general  
Reading more, watching less 
Learning all the rules for chess 
F                            Bb 
Becoming somewhat smarter in general 
Eating fish, not fingernails 
Volunteer to save the whales 
F                        Bb 
Becoming a better guy in general 
Saving more, spending less 
Yes I will wax my chest 
F                    Bb 
Dating more girls in general 

             C        Bb           F 
But not this year. No this year is different 
                     C               Bb          F 
As different as a gazelle. Yes, a gazelle from a deer 
      C                    Bb  
After all these failed resolutions 
   F                    C 
My future is clear, the future is near 

        F             A 
Just forget those resolutions you  
Bb                C 
Know that you are never gonna do 
     F               A 
And adopt a more realistical view  
       Bb                         C 
By committing to things that come easily to you 
     F                A            Bb    C 
Like eat at least one value meal a week 
   F               A                    Bb    C 
Or put the correct shoes on the correct feet 
     Bb                    C                 F 
just raise the bar to walk effortlessly underneath 

F Bb F Bb x2 

     F                    A 
Just face the fact you've always thought 
      Bb          C 
Those resolutions don't mean squat 
    F              A 
And settle in to a comfortable spot 
  Bb                       C 
Embrace all the things you know you are not 
F                    A            Bb    C 
Hit the snooze, roll over, then repeat 
F                    A               Bb      C       
Make large purchases then lose the receipts 
     Bb                    C                 F 
Just raise the bar to walk effortlessly underneath 

F Bb F Bb (2x)  
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