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More Than Everything Ukulele tab

Rhett Akins

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More Than Everything

(Marvin Green/Aimee Mayo)

Tono:  C
	  Intro: C  Am Dm  G  C Am Dm7 G 
C                      G                      Am     Em  
Long before the first beats of our hearts 
F                              Em 
Some how someone knew  
               Dm                        G 
That you belong here in my arms 
        C                        G               Am        Em 
And now that I?ve got you girl I?m amazed, everyday 
F                           C                      Dm        G    
How you make my life complete in everyway 
But when I start to question 
Just how on earth you found me 
F                      G 
All I really do is stop and look around me 
C                    Am               F  
He chose the rivers where to run 
                  G                       C 
Struck the match that lit the sun 
  C                  Am                  F      
He writes the songs the birds sing 
                  Em                      Am 
Makes the flowers bloom in spring 
           G                         D 
But of all the things he?s done 
He made me for you  
And you for me  
And that?s more than everything 
repeat intro: 
C                       G                        Am    Em 
My hearts telling me each time we touch 
F                             Em              Dm                  G 
This love has always been bigger than the both of us 
C                        G              Am                 Em         
As I look in your eyes darlin now there?s no doubt 
F                       C                      Dm             G  
I know your the one thing I could never live without 
F                                          G 
I?m forever thankful for all the gift in my life 
F                                                 G 
And I fell there is someone smiling down on us tonight 
repeat chorus 

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