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Everything Happens To Me Ukulele tab

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Everything Happens To Me

(Tom Adair and Matt Dennis)

Tono:  Bm
Intro: Verse  

Bm                 G9             Bm              G7  
Black cats creep across my path until I'm almost mad  
   Bm         F#         G9  
I must have roused the devil's wrath  
        Bb7           A  
'Cause all my luck is bad  

  Em9              A9              F#m7               Gdim  
I make a date for golf, and you can bet your life it rains  
 Em7             A             Am6               B7  
I try to give a party, and the guy upstairs complains  
   Em7              C#m5-/7              F#7                Bm7  
I guess I'll go thru life just catching colds and missing trains   
Em7         A7        D6  
Ev'rything happens to me  
   Em9          A9              F#m7            Gdim  
I never miss a thing I've had the measles and the mumps  
     Em7        A               Am6             B7  
And ev'rytime I play an ace, my partner always trumps  
   Em7            C#m5-/7          F#7              Bm7  
I guess I'm just a fool who never looks before he jumps   
Em7        A7          D  
Ev'rything happens to me  

    Am7                    D7                   G9           G6  
At first my heart thought you could break this jinx for me  
      Am7                 D7              G9     G6  
That love would turn the trick to end despair  
     G#m7             C#7                 F#           F#6  
But now I just can't fool this head that thinks for me   
       Bm7     F#     Bm5-/7   E7      Em7       A7  
I've mortgaged all my castles in the air  
      Em9             A9                  F#m7             Gdim  
I've telegraphed and phoned, and sent an airmail special, too  
      Em7              A                 Am6           B7  
Your answer was "Good bye" and there was even postage due  
  Em7               C#m5-/7            F#7            Bm7  
I fell in love just once, and then it had to be with you   
Em7         A7         D    D7M B7  
Ev'rything happens to me  
Em7         A7         D  
Ev'rything happens to me 
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