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The Great Atomic Power Ukulele tab

Raul Malo

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The Great Atomic Power

Tono:  A
	  A     D   A        E   A 
Verse One: 
A                                          D           A 
Do you fear this man's invention that they call atomic power? 
Are we all in great confusion, do we know the time or hour 
       A                           D             A 
When a terrible explosion may ring down upon our land 
                                      E                A 
Leaving horrible destruction blotting out the works of man 

A Are you ready for that great atomic power? E Will you rise and meet your Savior in the end? A D Will you shout or will you cry when the fire rains from on high? E A Are you ready for that great atomic power?
A D A E A Verse Two: There is one way to escape and be prepared to meet the Lord Give your heart and soul to Jesus, He will be your shield and sword He will surely stand beside and you'll never taste of death For your soul will fly to safety and eternal peace and rest (repeat chorus) A D A E A Verse Three: There's an army who can conquer all the enemy's great bands It's a regiment of Christians guided by the Savior's hand When the mushroom of destruction falls and all it's fury great God will surely save His children from this awful, awful fate (repeat chorus) E A Are you ready for that great atomic power?
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