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I'm Ready Ukulele tab

Randy Travis


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I'm Ready

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: Rise and Shine

Tono:  E
All our days are numbered 
Some live on borrowed time 
But life is what you make it 
      A               B7 
Thank God I was so inclined 
To accept my Lord and Savior 
When the good news sunk in 
          A                 E  
He paid a heavenly price by giving His life 
            B7                 E 
And I can't wait to go home to Him 

A E I'm ready to go that distance E B7 And God only knows when that might be E A B But oh, what joy waits up yonder E B7 E Once this old world sets me free
When there's no tomorrow And glory has come down Those without Jesus Are lost and never to be found So please listen when I'm talking I'm just saying what need to be said Make plans while your still living It's too late when your dead Chorus Oh, once this old world sets me free
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