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Love Again Ukulele tab

Rae Morris



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Love Again

Tono:  Am
Capo en el 4º traste

verse 1 

Am    F        C      C/B 
These days I'm afraid of me 
Am     F              F          C/B 
There's fire where my heart should be 
Am    F       C       C/B 
My confident core is weak 
Am  F            C         C/B 
My mouth doesn't dare to speak 


                             Am       G 
'Cause I've been looking too hard for something, 
            C        F 
Looking too hard for something 
          Am        G 
Giving it all for nothing, 
           C             F 
Trying too hard to love again 

Am G Ooh ooh, eh eh C F Looking for, looking for love again Am G Ooh ooh, eh eh C F Looking for, looking for love again
verse 2 In light of reality, The truth it's too good to be Pre-Chorus Chorus BRIDGE Em F Am G Maybe if I stop lookin' Em F Am G Take back all that I've put in Em F Am Elevate and pull you in Em F Am G Maybe if I, maybe if I stop Chorus
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