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Angels We Have Heard On High Ukulele tab

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Angels We Have Heard On High

Tono:  E

E                B      E 
Angels we have heard on high 
E                 B        E 
Sweetly singing o'er the plains 
C#m              B    E 
And the mountains in reply 
G#m             B       E 
Echoing their joyous strains 

E F#m E B E A E B Glo - o - o - o - ria in excelsis De-o E F#m E B E A E B E Glo - o - o - o - ria in excelsis Dee--ee-o
E B E Shepherds why this jubilee E B E Why your joyous strains prolong C#m B E What the gladsome tidings be G#m B E Which inspire your heavenly song E B E Come to Bethlehem and see E B E Christ whose birth the angels sing C#m B E Come adore on bended knee G#m B E Christ the Lord the newborn King E B E See Him in a manger laid E B E Jesus Lord of Heav’n and Earth C#m B E Mary Joseph lend your aid G#m B E With us sing our Savior’s birth
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