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Áño: 1972 - Álbum: Obscured By Clouds

	  Intro: G  C/G  D  C  G  C/G  D  C/G) 
   G    C/G                       D                C/G 
Stay       and help me to end the day. 
                   G            C/G                     D                  C/G 
And if you don't mind     we'll break a bottle of wine. 
             G     C/G                           D                 C/G 
Stick around      and maybe we'll put one down,  
                           G   C/G                   D                    C/G 
'Cause I wanna find,     what lies behind those eyes. 

Gm               C     Gm            C 
    Midnight blue,     burning gold. 
Gm               C       Gm               C 
   A yellow moon       is growing cold. 
(C  Bb  F  Eb  Db  D)  (2x) 
   G    C/G                                 D                C/G 
I rise,      looking through my morning eyes, 
        G      C/G                D              C/G 
Surprised     to find you by my side. 
                  G     C/G                 D                        C/G 
Rack my brain       to try to remember your name 
      G   C/G                   D                      C/G 
To find     the words to tell you goodbye. 

Gm               C     Gm              C 
     Morning dues.    newborn day. 
Gm                C    Gm     C 
     Midnight blue      turn to gray. 
(C  Bb  F  Eb  Db  D) 

Solo: (G  C/G  D  C/G)  (4x) 
Gm               C     Gm            C 
    Midnight blue,     burning gold. 
Gm               C       Gm               C     D  C/G 
   A yellow moon       is growing cold. 
(G  C/G  D  C/G)  (2x) (G  C/G  D  C/G)  (G) 
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