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Yellow Rose Ukulele tab

Philip Claypool

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Yellow Rose

Tono:  F
	  Written and Performed by Philip Claypool (1995) 
Dm F Dm F 
F           Dm                     F 
I take such pride, my thoughts are sweet 
       Bb                F               C 
When I think of you, and what you do for me 
              Dm                   F 
But deep down inside my soul grows week 
        Bb         F       C 
For our lives seem divide, incomplete 
            Am                       Bb                F 
I?m running full on affection, but I don?t know what to do 
F                                      C 
So It?s with best intentions I?ll give you 
Bb F A yellow rose for the friendship Am Bb A dozen red for the passion F C Dm I?m gonna bind them together, in the best way I can fashion Bb F C Bb I need more then a lover, or more than just a friend F I need both of you together C F And I?m gonna give love to the end
Deep in your eyes, a sea of green Oh it?s hard to imagine a love so deep For these tears I cry, flow like a stream For a love once pure gone poison mean Chorus I?m running full on affection, but I don?t know what to do So It?s with best intentions I?ll give you Chorus A yellow rose for the frienship
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