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Last Day Of My Life Ukulele tab

Phil Vassar

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Last Day Of My Life

Tono:  F
	  F           C                  G           C               
I just left Bobby's house, the service was today, Got  
   F                 C               G             C 
me thinkin about how fragile life is, as I drove away  
         F           C                   G              
You know Amy was his only love, and in a moment she was  
A#        F                            G       F 
gone long gone, It could've been me or you, Oh baby,  
there's no time to lose. 


             F                  C          G        
So I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses, and pour us a  
         C                   F               C 
glass of wine, and I'm gonna put on a little music, 
    G             C                     F       
And turn down the lights, And I'm gonna wrap my arms  
C              G                         A# 
around you and rock you all throught the night, And I'm  
      F           G (hold) 
gonna love you-oo, Like it's the Last day of my life 


F                    C               G                     
I drive off when the sun comes up, I get back when it's  
    C               F               C                G 
gone down, There is so much I wanna do with you, but I  
         C                F                   C     
can't be around, You know time has been just like a  
             G                  A#                F 
thief, It's stolen too much from us and once it's gone,  
we can't  make it up. 

F         C               G                   C 
Life is a rainbow, it's a spring snow, it's the morning  
    F              C              A#            F   G  
dew, I don't wanna waste another minute without you-oo 

REPEAT CHORUS: ( diff. ending!) look down I 
                             A#     F 
...Like it's the last day of my life 
            G (HOLD) 
I'm gonna love you-oo 
Like it's the last day of my life 


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