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Angel Of Music Ukulele tab

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Angel Of Music

(Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Tono:  Bb

  Bb          F          Eb       F 
Where in the world have you been hiding? 
 Bb          F    Bb 
Really, you were perfect 
Bb      F       Eb       F 
I only wish I knew your secret 
  Bb         F   Bb 
Who is this new tutor? 

( Bb  F  Eb  F  Bb  F  Bb ) 

 Gm                     Dm 
Father once spoke of an angel 
Eb                      D 
I used to dream he'd appear 
 Gm                  Dm 
Now as I sing I can sense him 
        Eb       F 
And I know he's here 

 Bb           F        Eb       F 
Here in this room, he calls me softly 
 Bb          F     Bb 
Somewhere inside, hiding 
 Bb         F       Eb      F 
Somehow I know he's always with me 
 Bb        F    Bb 
He, the unseen genius 

Gm                             Dm 
I watched your face from the shadows 
 Eb                       D 
Distant through all the opals 
Gm                        Dm 
I hear your voice in the darkness 
         Eb        F 
Let the words all tunes 
C# G# F# G# Angel of music guide and guardian C# G# C# Grant to me your glory C# G# F# G# Angel of music hide no longer C# G# C# F# C# Secret and strange angel
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