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Such Is Love Ukulele tab

Peter Paul and Mary



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Such Is Love

Tono:  G
	  Note: This is the most accurate chords with the recording. I believe that these are the  
correct chords that Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary plays without a capo in PPM's  
1983 album called Such Is Love 

Intro: G(4x), G, C, G, D, C (2x), G (2x), D (2x), G, C, G, D, C (2x), G (2x), D (2x) 

Verse 01: 

D7    G              Am       G             D7 
after all, I come to know you of the day in my heart 

G                Am             Bm            Am       G 
and the youngman and I once was who have torn out love apart 

G                  F                 Am              G 
when we were young of always looking at the far side of the hill 

G                  F                Am             G 
when we were there of tarris flower of standing by to our skin 

G C G D C G D Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Such Is Love, wonderous love (2x)
(Note: Chords in the same sequence for the rest of this song especially verse 02) Verse 02: Love is never, like stillness , like stillness, try to avoid passing by. Love must flow now, like a river, try to avoid us passing by If I know there's the youngman, what I know of love today, I've been laying down in that river, try to us my darling boy! (Chorus)(2x) Ending: D7 G Now, I know love
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