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I Dig Rock And Roll Music Ukulele tab

Peter Paul and Mary



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I Dig Rock And Roll Music

Tono:  D
	  #9 in '67. Album - 'Album 1700.' (1967.) 
(Check it on YouTube.) 
D     D7                         D 
I dig Rock and Roll music, and I love to get  
the chance to play.  
D        D7                      D 
I figure it's about the happiest sound goin' 
down today. 
Bm          G                Bm        G 
The message may not move me, or mean a great deal to me, 
Bm          E                  A  A7 
But hey! It feels so groovy to say... 

D         D7                          D 
I dig the Mamas and the Papas at 'The Trip,' 
Sunset Strip in L.A. 
    D          D7                        D 
And they got a good thing goin' when the words  
don't get in the way. 
Bm               G 
And when they're really wailing,  
Bm           G 
Michelle and Cass are sailin'. 
Bm               E              A   A7 
Hey, they really nail me to the wall.  

D     D7            D                       D7 
I dig Donovan, in a dream-like, tripped out way. 
D           D7               D               D7 
His crystal images tell you 'bout a brighter day. 
Bm           G                 Bm            G 
And when the Beatles tell you, they've got a word  
                     Bm          E                A  A7 
'love,' to sell you, they mean exactly, what they say. 

D     D7                           D 
I dig Rock and Roll music, I could really get it on 
in that scene. 
D        D7                     D                  D7 
I think, I could say somethin,' if you know what I mean. 
Bm       G              Bm      G 
But if I really say it, the radio won't play it. 
Bm       E                  A     A7 
Unless I lay it between the lines. 
D      D7 
I dig, Rock an Roll music(x2)Fade. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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