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75 Septembers Ukulele tab

Peter Paul and Mary



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75 Septembers

Tono:  A

Intro: A, A7, B, E, E7, C#m, B, E, B, 

E              E7                          B 
In the year of the yellow cab, shadowed by the great world war 

E         E7            A         B 
Third kid grandmom had, came into this world 

E            B                G#m         A 
On a rolling farm in Maryland when Wilson was the president 

F#m         A                B 
when summer blew her goodbye threw the trees 

E          E7                A              B 
In a child of changing time, growing up between the wars 

E             E7          C#m                B 
First rolling off my life when farmers close their doors 

A            B                  G#m          A 
I imagine to you back then with step in step in farmers den 

A7                            B 
when horses rode their wagons through the fields 

A B G#m A Now the fields are off four lanes now the moon is now just the same F#m A C#m E are you warned of names of how things changed, and how they stay the same E7 B G#m A Do you sit in this wonder, how the time flies by F#m G#m A doesn't rarely seep alone F#m A E with seventy five Septembers come and all
Interlude: E, E7, C#m, B, E, A, B, E
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