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Penny And Sparrow



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Tono:  C
Intro - Instrumental one time through 
C Em F C 

verse 1 
C                             Em 
Come out tonight, come out to-night 
        F                                        C 
He's the only one who's bleeding, so come see the light 

C                             Em 
We are set free, we are set free 
       F                                    C 
Now the only chains that hold us, bind us to Thee 

F Cause I'm a new slave C Yes, my name has been changed, I am Yours F I'm a new slave C Yes, my name has been changed, I am Yours
verse 2 C Em We're not alone, we're not a-lone F C There's a crowd, a cloud, a family calling us home C Em We are the Bride, we are the Bride F C He will return to claim us, run down the aisle Outro - (in live performances) F C Oooh, oooh, ooh; oooh, oooh, ohh x8
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