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Sidelines Ukulele tab

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Tono:  C

C                                                  G 
I remember cheering you on at every football game' 
C                                                        C 
Shoutin' number 20 as the running back takes your place. 
I wave from the bleachers at the 30 yard line, 
You only look away. 
              G                   D 
Dont you see, What it does to me, 

G When the game is called and the crowd goes home. D I get my chance with you alone Cadd9 All you seem to do D Is look right through me G I've dreamt of you a thousand times D But you dont even bat an eye Cadd9 It doesn't matter what i do. D Or how i try, D Im always the girl on the sidelines.
C G In the air or on the ground, I feel the spirit all around, C G I guess you really drove it home agian. Am As i watch you walk away with her in your arms Cadd9 Like im only a friend. G D Cant you see, That should be me, That should be me. (Refrão) Ponte: D Now i pretend your just a mistake G As i watch the instant replay, C G D C Spinning round and round agian inside my mind. G I've dreamt of you a thousand times. D But you dont even bat an eye Cadd9 It doesnt matter what i do D Or how i itry. G Im always the girl on the sidelines. D G Just another girl. On the sidelines.
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