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Lonely Road Ukulele tab

Paul McCartney


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Lonely Road

Tono:  C
C              Em 
I tried to get over you 
C               Em 
I tried to find something new 
C               G 
but all I could ever do 
     D        C          Bm           Am 
was fill, my time, with thoughts, of you 
I tried to go somewhere old 
to search for my pot of gold 
but all I could ever hold 
inside, my mind, were thoughts , of you 
Em			     Am 
I hear your music and it's driving me wild 
Em		      Am 
Familiar rhythms in a different style 
Em			     Am                  B7 
I hear your music and it's driving me wild again yeahh 
dont want to let you take me down 
dont want to get hurt 2nd time around 
dont want to walk that lonely road again yeahh 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 

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