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Once In A While Ukulele tab

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Once In A While

(Bud Green and Michael Edwards)

Tono:  C
  C          G   Am7 
Once in a while 
          G          Em          B7/13-        A7    Gdim 
Will you try to give one little thought to me 
        Dm      Dm7+ Dm7 G7 
Though somebody else may be 
Fdim         C     Gdim Dm7 G7 
Nearer your heart 
C          G     Am7 
Once in a while 
          G           Em         B7/13-          A7    Gdim 
Will you dream of the moments I shared with you 
  Dm       Dm7+ Dm7  G7 
Moments before  we  two  
Fdim    C    Fdim  C C/B 
Drifted apart 


     E    C#m5-/7     F#m7   B7 
In love's smoldering ember 
E   C#m5-/7     F#m7   B7 
One spark can remain 
    E   C#m5-/7     F#m7   B7 
If love still can remember 
       E       Edim  Dm7   Fdim 
That spark may burn again 
C           G    Am7 
I know that I'll 
       G           Em          B7/13-     A7 Gdim 
Be contented with yesterday's memory 
  Dm        Dm7+  Dm7 G7 
Knowing you think of me 
Fdim        C     C/B A7 A7/9- A7 
Once in a while 
   Dm       Dm7+  Dm7 G7 
Knowing you think of me 
Dm7  Dm5-/7 Fdim C C/B Am7 Am7/G Dm7 Dm5-/7 Fdim C 
Once  in    a   while 
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