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I Need You Ukulele tab

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I Need You

(Gerry Beckly)

Tono:  A
     A                       A7M          Em7 
We use to laugh, we use to cry 
                 G7                              G 
We use to bow our heads and wonder why 
           A                                  A7M              Em7  
And now you gone I guess I carry on 
                      G7                           C 
I make the best of what you left of me 
  F                D7 
Left to me, left to me 
     G7M                  Em7       
I need you, like the flower needs the rain 
You know I need you 
               Am7         D7            G7M 
Yes, I say it all again, you know I need you 
Like the winter needs the spring 
                    Bm7             D7 
You know I need you, I need you 
          A                                 A7M          Em7 
And everyday I laugh the hours away 
                              G7                     C 
Just knowing you would think and love me 
   A                                    A7M             Em7 
Then you came and I was put to blame  
                  G7             C 
For every story told about me 
      F            D7 
About me, about me 
     G7M                  Em7       
I need you, like the flower needs the rain 
You know I need you 
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