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Harbor Lights Ukulele tab

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Harbor Lights

(Jimmy Kennedy and Hugh Williams)

Tono:  C
Intro: F7M Fm7 Em7 A7 Dm7 G7 C G 

                   C          G7 
I saw the harbor lights 
                          Cdim                  C 
They only told me we were parting 
        C/B             Dm      G7 
The same old harbor lights 
     Gdim         Dm      G7 C 
That once brought you to me 
                        C             G7 
I watched the harbor lights 
                                  Cdim             C 
How could I help if tears were starting 
           C/B     Dm        G7 Gdim 
Good-bye to tender nights 
                  Dm7 G7 C Fdim C 
Beside the silver  sea 

I longed to hold you tight 
   Fm         Fdim       C     C/B  Am7 
And kiss you just once more 
   Am7/G     D7 
But you were on the ship 
   Dm7    D7       G7 
And I was on the shore 
                      C             G7 
Now I know lonely nights 
                              Cdim                   C 
For all the while my heart is whis'pring 
        C/B                   Dm      G7 
"Some other harbor lights 
      Gdim      Dm7   G7      C 
Will steal your love from me" 
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