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Hold Me Ukulele tab

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Hold Me

(John Mac)

Tono:  G
Intro: Am G Am G D 

Am                    G          Am 
Can you understand me baby 
                 G               D 
Don you hand me a line 
     Am                       G 
Although it doesn matter  
Am                     G            D 
You and me got plenty of time 
                Am               G            Am 
There nobody in the future so baby 
             G                   D 
Let me hand you my love 
                  Am                    G 
There no step for you to dance to,  
       Am                      G           D      G 
So slip your  hand inside my glove 
         Am  G/B   C    D 
Hold me,   hold me 
   Am                  G 
I don want no damage  
Am                     G                  D 
How I gonna manage whit you 
        Am             G 
You hold the percentage  
       Am               G                D 
But I the fool playing the dues  
       Am                   G 
I just around the corner  
Am              G               D    
If you got a minute to spare 
Am                  G  
I be waiting for you  
Am              G             D     G 
If you ever wanna be there 
        Am  G/B  C   D 
Hold me,  hold me 
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