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I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Ukulele tab

Pat The Bunny Schneeweis



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I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Tono:  Am
Am C Am G (2x) Am 

He also plays Am7 before changing from Am to other chords in the intro 

(most downstrokes are muted) 

Hear that lonesome whippoorwill 
                         Am (not muted) 
He seems too blue to fly 
     C                  Am 
The midnight train is whining low 
                G        Am 
I'm so lonesome I could cry 

I've never known a night so long 
                          Am (not muted) 
The time it's crawling by 
     C                 Am 
The moon has ducked behind a cloud 
              G        Am (not muted) 
To hang it's head and cry 


(Again Am7 before changing) 
Am F Am G 
Am C Am G 


Have you ever seen the robin weep 
                       Am (not muted) 
As leaves begin to die? 
      C                    Am 
That means, he's lost the will to live 
                G        Am  (no more muting after that G) 
I'm so lonesome I could cry 

And the silence of a falling star 
                       Am7 Am 
Lights up a purple sky 
    C             Am 
And as I wonder where you are 
                G        Am 
I'm so lonesome I could cry  

        Am      G        Am  (one stroke each) 
I'm so lonesome I could cry 
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