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Let The Flames Begin Ukulele tab




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Let The Flames Begin

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Riot!


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Part 1: e|---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-|---2---2---2---2-| B|-2---2---2---2-------------------|-0---0---0---0---| G|-----------------2---2---2---2---|-----------------| D|---------------------------------|-----------------| (x2) A|---------------------------------|-----------------| E|---------------------------------|-----------------| x2 Part 2: F#m A D Bm Guitar 2: e|-----5--0------------5--0-----2-| B|---2-------2--0----2-------2----| G|-2---------------2--------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|
Verse 1: F#m A What a shame we all became such fragile D Bm broken things A memory remains just a tiny spark F#m A D I give it all my oxygen So let the flames begin Bm So let the flames begin Oh, glory D-Bm-F#m Oh, glory
Chorus 1: F#m A This is how we dance when D When they try to take us down Bm This is what will Oh, glory
Verse 2: F#m A Somewhere weakness is our strength D And I'll die searching for it Bm I can't let myself regret such selfishness F#m A My pain and all the trouble caused D Bm No matter how long I believe that there's hope D-Bm-F#m Buried beneath it all and D-Bm-E Hiding beneath it all, and Growing beneath it all, and...
Chorus 2: F#m A This is how we dance when D When they try to take us down Bm This is how we'll sing it F#m A This is how we'll stand when D When they burn our houses down Bm This is what will be Oh, glory
Bridge: F#m A D Bm Reaching as I sink down into light F#m A D Bm Reaching as I sink down into light (Repeat Chorus 2)
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Outro: e|-9------------------------|---------| B|---10---------------------|---------| G|------9---9---9-----------|---------| D|--------7---7---7-6-7-----|-6--7--9-| (x2) A|----------------------9-9-|---------| E|--------------------------|---------| x3
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