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Hinchley Pond Ukulele tab

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Hinchley Pond

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: Longo Caminho

Tono:  D
                  D     A/C# Bm 
A cold day with blue skies 
          Bm7/A              G 
The sweet tinkering of the drops 
A few little noises 
And the wind Whistles 
D          A/C# Bm Bm7/A F#m7(11) 
On the tree tops 
  A7(4) A7 
It all suddenly 
Caught me here 
In my bathroom with a view 
Colourless days too many 
Lovely ones like this 
A few 
Oh blue skies 
Take me there 
Drop me by he little pond 
                        G  F#m7 
Where I was givn a new life 
Where my true love belongs 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 

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