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Something's Gotta Give Ukulele tab




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Something's Gotta Give

Tono:  G
Intro: G D A Bm 

G D A I-I-I-I, Im sinking in Bm You know that somethings got to
Verse 1: G Somethings gotta give and then you told yourself D You found a modern Mona Lisa, yeah G You gave up all your love D You said prayers fool could keep her. A You got no money, it doesnt mean a thing You got time, yeah time is everything Bm We all gonna die, stay away Listening to the records that you like Now you?re saying,
G D A I-I-I-I, Im sinking in Bm G You know that somethings got to, Somethings gotta give
D Verse 2: G And then you showed yourself D And all the colors that you fear, oh, oh, ohhhh A It doesn?t mean a thing, You got love, so you got everything Bm Talk online, stay awake Listenin to records that we love!
G D A I-I-I-I, Im sinking in Bm You know that?s something?s got to G Somethings gotta give D Its gotta give G Oh, oh, oh D Oh, oh, oh G Oh, oh, oh D Oh, oh, oh
Outro: (repeat G D
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