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Nineteen Ukulele tab

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Tono:  A
A     D   E 
  D         A      D   E 
Is not the age of reason. 
 D          Bm     D 
I didn't have a reason 
          A    D   E  D    
For setting you free. 
A       D  E    
I've seen 
  D       A    D   E 
A lot of love go sour. 
  D        Bm      D 
But that's not our love. 
       Bm        D(hold) 
You see the problem was 
       A      D  E  D 
I was only nineteen. 
Yeah, I was only nineteen. 
Finished up with high school. 
Headed for a state school. 
Wandered into you. 
Big screen 
Kissing in a movie. 
God, you moved me around. 
We got seriously down. 
But I was only nineteen. 

Bm All I ever wanted to do D Was lie around in bed with you. A D E I was only nineteen. D A D E I was only nineteen. D A D E I was only nineteen. D A D E I was only nineteen.
I've seen A lot of love go bad now. That's not how our affair Would've wound up I swear. But I was only nineteen. Chorus I was only nineteen.
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