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Invincible Ukulele tab

No Use For a Name

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Intro: Em, C, D, G, F#m      4x 

Em                  C  
This conversation sickens me  
D                                G  F#m  
please let me out, I'll take the bus  
Em                     C  
and though I try to understand,  
D                 G  F#m 
I didn't know  

Em                     C               D  
how can you say that I'm a fool when all  
            G   F#m  
I do is help  
         Em                      C                  
well I guess I'm a fool but I know that I'm  
          D          G        F#m 
not you pawn that feeling is dead and gone 

C D B Pretend your invincible E D and no one can save you from yourself C A pretend you're a super hero, B C D a fucking zero trying to save the world
Solo: Em, C, D, G, F#m 2x verse 2: Em C Please don't remind me of the past D G F#m it's much too late to work it out Em C and though I see the positive, D G F#m I hear the doubt Em C Go off and hide your life away, D G F#m these words are obsolete Em C and I'm crazy to think that you can wake up D G F#m and come around the silence is made with sound
C D Bm Pretend you're invincible, E D there's no one to tell you that it's wrong C A they're all just as scared as I am, B C D it's over someday soon it wont be long..
Final: Em, C, D, G, F#m 2x
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