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Dancing with the Angels Ukulele tab

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Dancing with the Angels

Tono:  G
	      G                                    C         G 
1. There's path with darkness there's a path with light 
2. Old Satan's dark powers are hungry for confusion 
3. King Angels of mercy are waiting there to greet you 
             G                     D 
1. And they meet at the old crossroads 
2. Unsatisfied ever greedy for more 
3. Standing on the shores of ever lasting light 
       G                           C           G 
1. The Angels are calling if your spirit will hearken 
2. If you look to your heart at the spirit there a blooming 
3. They're saying come and join us across the shining water 
     G                   D              G 
1. All is forgiven; lay down your weary load 
2. If it's bright and shining sin can harm you no more 
3. Our lanterns of love will guide us though the night 
 	            G                C                 G 
 	 You'll be dancing, dancing, dancing with the Angels 
 	  G                   A             D 
 	 Just like old Daniel in the Lion's den 
            G                         C                       G 
 	 The door will be open and the feast spread out before you 
         G                  Em       D                G 
 	 Dancing with the Angels ... while the Lion's roar. 
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