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I'm Ready Ukulele tab

Muddy Waters



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I'm Ready

Tono:  A
	  The rhythm for the verses is in eighth notes (Shuffle feel) 
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E7 E7 (N.C.) 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & ---------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------| -7----------------------7------------------------------| -6----------------------6------------------------------| -7----------------------7------------------5----------| -0----------------------0-------------7---------0----|
Got an axe handle pistol on a graveyard train Shoots Tomb stone bullets, wearin' ball and chain I drink TNT I'm smokin' dynomite Hope some screwball start a fight 'cause A6 I'm Ready, Ready any body gon' be E6 / / / | E6 / / / | B6 A6 I'm ready for you Hope you ready for me E6 / / / | A6 B6 / /| repeat as needed Additonal lyrics all you pretty little chicks with your curly hair I know you feel like I ain't no where Well, stop what you doin' baby come over here I prove to you baby that I aint know square Chorus I been drinkin gin like never before I feel so good, I want you to know one more drink, I wish you would It takes a whole lotta lovin to make me feel good Chorus
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