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Motel Matches Ukulele tab

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Motel Matches

Tono:  C
	  C                  F               C 
Just an hour ago I didn’t know her name 

  G7                                            C 
A couple of drinks and we naturally struck up a flame 

                   F                    C 
It wasn’t love but then it was plain to see 

        G7                                      C 
That we were two strangers that were matched perfectly 

                     F                   C 
I signed on the line for room 109 at the desk 

  G7                                  C 
I told the man that all we needed was rest 

                    F                   C 
He said to me as he slipped a key in my hand 

       G7                             C 
That’s quite alright Mr. Smith I understand 

Motel matches that burn in the night 

C                 F 
Motel matches are so easy to light 

C               F                          G7 
Just a spark of desire and the fire always catches 

C                   F 
Motel matches we’re two of a kind 

C                        F 
We know tomorrow they’ll wake up and find 

C                                       F                     G7 
We’ll be gone with the dawn and they’ll come to sweep out the ashes 

Of motel matches 

                     F                  C 
I close the door and she headed for the car 

     G7                                       C 
Warm tangled sheets were all that left of our fire 

                      F                      C 
I said with a grin to do this again would be nice 

       G7                                    C 
But we both knew that a match can never burn twice 
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