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Hank You Wrote My Life Ukulele tab

Moe Bandy

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Hank You Wrote My Life

Tono:  D
D You G wrote Your Cheatin' D Heart about A gal like my D7 first ex-{A} wife You D Moan The Blues for G me and for D you Hank Williams, You A Wrote My D Life.
D The Cold, Cold Heart and a G doubtful D mind I have known a D7 few my A self And the D gal that loved me G Half As D Much As she loved some-{A} body D else. Refrain: I've heard that blue old whipporwill, too And the Lonesome Whistle whine I know that feel; so cold, so real When The Blues Come Around at midnight. We've never met, I know and yet I know you well, My Friend And if ever I, get to heaven on high I hope you'll shake my hand. Refrain:
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