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Why Try And Change Me Now Ukulele tab

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Why Try And Change Me Now

Tono:  Cm
	  Why Try to Change Me Now? 

Originally played on ukulele. Chords and lyrics written by ear. 
Listen to the original song for strumming pattern, which is mostly consistent throughout the song. 

Eb Ebm Dm G7 
Cm F Bb G7 

Cm          F          Dm            G7 
I'm sentimental so I walk in the rain 
Cm             F         Dm      G7 
I've got some habits even I can't explain 
Eb            Ebm       Dm             G7 
I'll go to the corner but I end up in Spain 
Cm           F          Bb    G7 
Why try and change me now? 

Cm          F             Dm        G7 
I sit and daydream I got daydreams galore 
Cm           F           Dm             G7 
Cigarette ashes well there they go on the floor 
Eb               Ebm            Dm                 G7 
I'll go away weekends but I leave my keys in the door 
Cm            F          Bb 
Why try to change me now? 

Fm            Bb           Eb 
Why can't I be more conventional? 
Fm                  Bb           Eb 
People talk and they stare so I try 
Gm                    C 
But that's not for me  
F                  Bb        C                       F 
Coz I can't see my kind of crazy world go passing me by 

Cm                F              Dm            G7 
So let people wonder let em laugh let em frown 
Cm           F                     Dm        G7 
You know I'll love you to the moon's upside down 
Eb            Ebm        Dm     G7 
Don't you forgot, I'm only a clown 
Cm                F         Dm             G7 
So why try to change me? Why try to change me? 
Cm          F           Bb 
Why try to change me now? 

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