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As The Days Of Noah Ukulele tab

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As The Days Of Noah

Tono:  Bm
As in the days of Noah 
Is a prophetic oracle concerning 
The 2nd coming of Jesus. 
In Matthew 24, Jesus says 
That in the day of His appearing 
It will be as in the days of Noah. 
Before Noah went into the ark, 
People were eating and drinking and marrying 
Thinking that business would go on as usual 
Because it had never flooded before. 
They thought Noah was a fool 
For all of those years of building a boat on sand. 
What a shock when the rain 
Started falling and the door was shut! 
So it will be in the days 
Of the Coming of the Son of Man. 
Peter said for us to remember this 
First that many scoffers would come 
In that day saying, 
"Where is the promise of His appearing?" 
There will be false prophets saying, 
"Peace and safety!" when there is no peace 
As Jesus begins to shake everything that can be s 

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