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Hamilton - Burn Ukulele tab

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Hamilton - Burn

Tono:  Bm

Bm                       F# 
I saved every letter you wrote me 
Gmaj7              D 
From the moment I read them 
     Em         Bm 
I knew you were mine 
You said you were mine 
                G     D  A/C# 
I thought were mine 
Bm                       F# 
Do you know what Angelica said 
Gmaj7                         D4 
When we saw your first letter arrive? 
Em7        Bm                    F# 
She said: "Be careful with that one, love 
Gmaj7                       D     
he will do what it takes to survive." 
D/C#          Bm               F# 
You and your words flooded my senses 
Gmaj7                         D4 
Your sentences left me defenseless 
Em7           Bm             F# 
You built me palaces out of paragraphs 
Gmaj7         D       D/C# 
You built cathedrals 
Bm                       F#/A# 
I'm re-reading the letters you wrote me 
Gmaj7                         D 
I'm searching and scanning for answers 
Em7       Bm7 
In every line 
For some kind of sign 
              D/G  Gmaj7 
And when you were mine 

G D/A Bm F#m F#m/E F#m/D G The world seemed to burn D/A Bm F#m F#m/E F#m/D G Burn
Verse Bm F# You published the letters she wrote you Gmaj7 D You told the whole world how you brought this girl D/E Bm Into our bed F# In clearing your name Gmaj7 D D/E You have ruined our lives Bm F# Do you know what Angelica said Gmaj7 D When she read what you'd done? Em11 Bm9 F#m F# She said: "You have married an Icarus. G D He has flown too close to the sun." A7/C# Bm F#7 You and your words obsessed with your legacy G Dsus2 Your sentences border on senseless A/C# Bm7 F#7 And you are paranoid in every paragraph Gmaj9 How they perceive you- G You, you, you Bm F#/A# I'm erasing myself from the narrative Gmaj9 D Let future historians wonder Em7 Bm7 How Eliza reacted F#7 When you broke her heart G D/G You have torn it all apart
G D/A Bm F#m F#m/E F#m/D G I'm watching it burn D/A Bm F#m F#m/E F#m/D G Watching it burn
Verse G G/A D The world has no right to my heart Bbmaj7(5+) The world has no place in our bed Bm7 D/G They don't get to know what I said A7sus D I'm burning the memories Bbmaj7(5+) Burning the letters Bm7 that might have redeemed you D/G A7 D(add2) You forfeit all rights to my heart Gm/Bb You forfeit the place in our bed Bm7 G You'll sleep in your office instead A9 D With only the memories D/C# D/F# D/E D G of when you were mine Bm F#/A# Gmaj7 D Em7 Bsus2 I hope that you burn
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