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You'll Never Know Ukulele tab

Mindy McCready

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You'll Never Know

Tono:  D
	  INTRO:  D  Bm  G  A 
(D)Bought a new red dress (Bm)to lift my spirits up 
(G)Just like you did honey (A)it cost me way too much 
(D)Next time you see me I betcha (Bm)take a second look 
(G)You'll wonder why I look (A)so good 

(D)You'll never know how much I miss you (Bm)You won't see it in my face (G)You'll never know I'll never find another (A)That can take your place (D)Cause I'll be smiling when I see you (Bm)No my tears won't ever show (G)Yeah, I might always love you (A) (D)But you'll never know
VERSE 2: (D)Saw you out last nite (Bm)and you seemed so surprised (G)That I could walk right by (A)and not blink an eye (D)Look at me you'd probably think (Bm)I'm doing fine (G)Good thing that you can't read my (A)mind REPEAT CHORUS
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