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Cc Waterback Ukulele tab

Merle Haggard & George Jones

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Cc Waterback

	  CC Waterback 

D CC Waterback G D One tequila sunrise D One's for my achin' head E A The other's for my blood shot eyes D Last night i let all hang out G D I guess that's how my head got sore D CC Waterback A D I can't stand the pain no more
VERSE D Last night we got invited G G To a party at the Jones' place D For fun and games and booze and things E A I guess I must've drank a case D That lady of mine D she drank warm red wine G D 'til she couldn't even find the door G G She wound up in Jones' bed A D And I wound up on the floor ( Hag I give 'ya ) CHORUS
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